I’m embarking on a new journey, in which I want to make my fellow VP Eng lives easier. If I can spare you of a mistake or two I’ve made, what’s there to lose? :)

I’ve spent the past 5 weeks trying out this career path, and wanted to share my learnings. I’ll start with my motivation for this type of career, and then explain what I already see to be working well and have plenty of demand. Feeling very open about this, I believe there is room for a lot of players in this field!

Parting ways with Snyk…

As an aspiring open business, I’m reporting on my metrics for the first quarter.

A few weeks ago I shared an overview of what I expect the economics of my business to look like. I was aiming at ~13 clients at any given time, expecting to spend 5 hours of work to acquire a customer, and work with them for about 12 hours across 6 months each. This would amount to 60 work hours per month, 18 invested in acquisition, 42 in billed work. The data I had in early June pointed out that my client engagements tend to be…

I launched my side project publicly two weeks ago, and want to recap what happened since then.

Let me say this from the start — there’s very little to celebrate in these 2 weeks. Launches are great, but they are infrequent. What happens between the ‘big bangs’ is not glamorous. This is where persistent, incremental work counts, and my project is no exception.

I started in April, and launched my side project publicly on ProductHunt on May 25th. Here is what happened since:

I’m sharing the inner workings of my mentoring business so far.

A month ago I published a post about my new career choice, explaining what is it I want to do. Now is a great time to look back and share the how of my business. I want to be very transparent here, both to gain trust, and to share information that can help others. I wish I had a similar benchmark when I started, so if this can help fellow consultants/mentors/coaches, I’m in!

Being self-employed, I chose to play both the role of an investor and a founder. As…

haveibeenexpired.com landing page

I’m launching haveibeenexpired.com publicly! This is a short tour of the app itself, its inner workings, and some ideas for the future.

A two-months long journey is coming to the point where what I’ve built needs to be kicked out of the door. I described my experiences working on this project in my previous posts. This time, I’m providing a written ‘guided tour’ of this super-simple app.

First of all, there’s a lot to gain from the app without even signing up. If you have a premonition concerning an SSL certificate of any website, just type its name and check…

Green sprouts

I’m turning my side project into a small application, applying product-led growth oriented tactics.

In the previous post I spoke about tracking user behavior. I built a single page website which checks SSL certificates for expiration.

Over the past few weeks I decided to take haveibeenexpired.com to the next stage. Instead of helping users every time they visit the website, I want to build an app. The app will constantly monitor SSL certificates, and alert users towards upcoming expirations.

This time I want to focus on how I introduced growth-oriented features. While there’s nothing jaw-dropping about my app, I can…

In the previous post I explained a bit about my side project. I want to help people avoid surprising expirations of their SSL certificates. While at it, I hope to learn a bit about building a helpful website, and perhaps more.

A quick recap — I created a website that tells you when will the SSL certificate of your server expire. I also present the user with a bunch of relevant hostnames for casual browsing within the website, checking on other hostnames that may be of interest. No ads, no subscriptions, no sign-in, no emails. Just one thing — tell…

Recently I got a lot of free time on my hands (more about this in a later post). I decided to dedicate some of my time to a side project that will keep me occupied, but more importantly — will help me learn things I wanted to learn for a while now. This post (and hopefully a few more to come) are about this project, what I’m learning and doing. Thanks for stopping by, please read on!

I’ve had my share of silly mistakes in the past, and some of them involve the completely obvious ‘surprise’ when something important expires…

Anton Drukh

Mentoring VP Engineering folks. Previously VP Engineering and GM Israel at Snyk.

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