Mentoring VP Engineering folks

‘Growth’ in the personal sense

Who wants to learn from my mistakes?

  • They had so much to tell me and save me from repeating their mistakes.
  • I had almost no idea what to ask them!

Mentorship as a full time job

  • What if all I have to give is telling stories about Snyk, which would be nice to hear, but won’t be helpful?
  • What if I find out that I’m not as driven by helping people solve their problems, as I am driven by solving what I consider to be ‘my’ problems?
  • What if no one pays for my time?

So what do I actually do?

  • Scaling Engineering organizations. Engineering leaders tackling growth challenges often seek a compelling vision — what would the org look like when we are twice as big as we are today? I can help sharpen this vision, and then turn it into a plan — what gaps exist today, what alternatives are out there to bridge these gaps, and what are the implications of these alternatives. From the early ‘the CTO is wondering if now is the time for a VP Eng on the team’ to the later ‘we’re 100 people, great at X, not so much at Y; how do we get to 250 without breaking X, while fixing Y?’.
  • Hiring. A major part of the mechanics of scaling an org, this is a true test to the strength of an organization. Everyone competes over the same prize — the talent that exists in the market. Your hiring strategy plays a role in your employer brand, so there’s a lot to win by doing it right. Local or remote? Hire externally vs move internally? Once you have a plan in place, how to you measure its efficiency and efficacy? I can pair with you on these important questions and set the right process in motion through your org.
  • Managing upwards and sideways. An Engineering organization doesn’t operate in a vacuum. Having the right processes with Product, Customer Success, Marketing and Sales is key for your success. How do you become the most effective team player in the most impactful team of your company — the executive team? Keeping your peers accountable and expecting them to keep you accountable is the name of the game. I can help you define how the Engineering org succeeds for the sake of the company, what it needs from its peers, and how everyone wins together.
  • Mentoring. Your day to day is filled with interactions with people. What challenges are you facing on the personal level, how can you make the most out of each situation, and get your organization to its peak ability faster? How are you growing as the Engineering leader of this org, and are you making the most out of your opportunity within the company, for the benefit of the company? I can support you in the ongoing challenges you are facing, helping you make the most out of them — every challenge is a growth opportunity.



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Anton Drukh

Tech Executive Mentor. Previously VP Engineering and GM Israel at Snyk.