Green sprouts

Product-led growth from the start

The currency of cost and value

Types of product-led growth hacks

Exponential value over time

Guessing the users’ intent

  • Upon sign up, the domain of the user’s email is being added as a relevant domain for scanning. Yes, perhaps and the like would be superfluous. But if you sign up with your company email address, I’ll spare you the need to tell me your company domain.
  • When checking hosts as an anonymous user, I keep track of the last search term in the user’s session. Once the user decides to sign up, the app would add the last searched host to the account. This again spares the user of the need to repeat themselves.
  • Domains and hosts serve different purposes in my app, but they have some overlap of meaning. I want to spare the user from saying the same thing twice. When the user is adding as a domain, it is automatically added as a host as well. The domain is used to discover more hosts, and the host is used to monitor its own SSL certificate.
  • Intent is not only geared towards adding data. Sometimes you want to ask the app to do less for you, and it shouldn’t be hard. When a user deletes a domain from their account, the app will also delete all the hosts belonging to this domain. The implied intent is this — if doesn’t interest me as a domain any more, neither do the hosts in this domain.
  • The relations between domains and hosts in the app should not be restricting to the user. A user may add a host that doesn’t belong to any existing domain, and have it monitored. However, newly discovered hosts within the same domain will not be added to the account. No need for input validation flows that will introduce friction for the user.

What’s next?

Lessons learnt

  • Product-led growth hacking is about reducing user cost and increasing user value.
  • Value compounds amazingly well over time. Maximize the mundane stuff your app can do for your users, don’t settle for linear growth over time.
  • Reduction of user cost requires risk taking. No decision will work equally well for everyone.
  • Tracking and measuring is key. A single metric for acquisition and another for engagement should be a good start.

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Anton Drukh

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