The Economics of Mentoring

Who do you pitch to?

Coming up with a plan

How many clients can I have?

  • I want to have up to 15 hours of meetings per week
  • an average client would need an hour of my time every two weeks
  • an average client would retain me for 6 months before they move on

What is my current gross margin?

How many clients should I have?

  • Being self-employed, you are a company of one. Your main asset is your time, and you earn with it.
  • Your time is a very constrained resource, which is great for a focused business plan. Pitch for time from yourself as an investor.
  • Make very few, very core assumptions. Adjust them as you go to evolve your business plan.
  • Consider time spent earning money and time spent acquiring new business. One needs to justify the other.

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Anton Drukh

Tech Executive Mentor. Previously VP Engineering and GM Israel at Snyk.