2 Weeks After the Public Launch

Unique visitors per day
  • ‘Internet juice ranking’ — how much traffic am I getting to my website? Am I standing out in the crowd? What am I getting from SEO vs AdWords?
  • Engagement of anonymous users. How useful is my ‘signed-out’ experience? Once a certain user finds my website, do they get what they came for?
  • Conversion from anonymous to signed-in users. There’s much more value users would get from my website if they sign up. How effective is my messaging of this value? How many anonymous users register?

Internet Juice Ranking

  • I went after the ‘endless pages’ tactic, having a separate URL for every website that a user may want to check. I.e. https://www.haveibeenexpired.com/ssl/medium.com to check on Medium’s SSL certificate.
  • I generated a sitemap based on a few thousand popular websites, and fed it to Google Search Console.
Google Search performance for my website
Google Search queries with my website in the results

My AdWords campaign

AdWords campaign performance
AdWords search terms and the count of associated clicks

Engagement of anonymous users

Anonymous engagement funnel — from the landing page through 4 consecutive result pages

Conversion to signed-in users

  • I have a strong funnel with a high CTR on my AdWords campaign, and high rate of engagement by anonymous users.
  • I have a poor conversion rate from anonymous to registered users, and I need to ‘pull the blanket’ from one side to the other. I’ll provide more value for signed-up users, taking a bit away from the anonymous experience, and see where it gets me.

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Anton Drukh

Tech Executive Mentor. Previously VP Engineering and GM Israel at Snyk.