Lessons from posting on Hacker News

How did I decide when to post?

What just happened?

What feedback did I get?

Market fit comments

AITSM, or Am I the Sleazy Marketer?

An excerpt from my homepage; title — companies we monitor; 4 logos — hashicorp, datadog, auth0 and github
The logo party on the homepage
The title is ‘Trusted by’, with the logos of Lightricks, Gitpod and monday.com
Trusted by strong brands!

But why no email?

People actually read the privacy policy!

Pats on the back are nice

A user comments with ‘I’ve been wanting a service like this forever’, and I reply with ‘heart eyes’

What did I learn?

  • The only real thing keeping you back is your own mind. I needed some external pressure to spread the word and invest in marketing, and I found it! I’ll now figure out my next marketing initiative, and make sure I don’t wait for someone to push me to act on it.
  • You don’t have to orchestrate your efforts too much. Sign up and post something, see where it takes you. The Internet judges you, but only based on the last thing you do :)
  • Practice positivity when engaging with strangers on the Internet. You decide if their comments drain you, or if you use their time and effort to learn and shorten your journey to success.
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Anton Drukh

Tech Executive Mentor. Previously VP Engineering and GM Israel at Snyk.